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In 2010 Kazakhstan terminated 28 mineral production contracts
In 2010 the Ministry of Oil and Gas terminated 28 mineral production contracts, the Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev said. "As before, the Ministry of Oil Gas is not rather focused on the provision of new fields and areas into development, but regulation of work on the earlier executed mineral production contracts. In connection with this, because of failure by some mineral producers... ... >>>
The Ministry of Oil and Gas refuses to approve the Kashagan Oilfield Development 2nd Phase Concept
The Ministry of Oil and Gas is not going to approve the Concept of the Kashagan Oilfield Development 2nd Phase because of its ineffectiveness. "For the time present the authorized body cannot approve the above-said concept, produced by the contractor, on account of its ineffectiveness: we are not going to approve the phase that is inefficient from the economic point of view, as well as inefficient projects", - the Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev said, making his speech at the ministerial meeting Monday in Astana. "Speaking of Kashagan, the project is now at the development test phase with the same deadlines of 2012- 2013", - he added ... >>>
KMG to develop a project of using the "gas cap" at Zhanazhol
KMG Head Kairgeldy Kabyldin informed that the project of using the "gas cap" at the Zhanazhol deposit for loading of the Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas pipeline with gas will be presented in March. This project is being implemented in condition of a relatively high stress and is under close attention of the Prime Minister, since exactly the natural gas resources of the Urikhtau and Zhanazhol deposits, located in the Aktobe region, will be one of the major sources for transportation of the given raw material over the Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas pipeline. They will allow meeting the demand by the south regions and Aktobe Oblast for gas in the short run. ... >>>
KMG proposes to reconsider the oil refinery modernization to transfer straight away to Euro-5
KMG Managing Director for Processing and Marketing Daniar Tiyesov proposes to the Ministry of Oil and Gas to reconsider the program of the oil refineries modernization in order to transfer the fuel production straight away to the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. ... >>>
Production of gasoline in the country rose by one third
Production of petroleum products in Kazakhstan in 2010, taking into account the output by the mini oil refineries, was 14.36m tons. This was announced by the Central Supervisory Control Department of the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Oil and Gas. ... >>>
Decline in natural gas production avoided
The output of gas in Kazakhstan in 2010 was 37,413,002 tcm (+3.9%), including natural gas production of 17,601,320 tcm (-2.9%). A significant decline in the output was avoided mostly thanks to the increased gas production at Tengiz, reaching 13,620,108 tcm (+16.5%). ... >>>
Oil production in Kazakhstan in 2010 increased slightly
Production of crude oil and gas condensate in Kazakhstan in 2010 was 79,685,942 tons (+4.1%). Of them, the gas condensate output was 4,663,465 tons (-14%). Compared to the 2009-year’s level, the increase was, in the first place, due to the increased production at Tengiz (+15%). ... >>>
Population of the supposedly "falling through" village in the oil-bearing region of Kazakhstan can be resettled
The inhabitants of the Berezovka village in Burlinsky rayon of Western Kazakhstan Oblast which assert that following the intensive oil production the ground is falling through under their houses can be resettled, the Environmental Protection Minister Nurgali Ashimov said. ... >>>
MEDT not to revise the forecast on the economic growth
The Ministry of Economic Development does not see any necessity in revision of the economic growth prospects in Kazakhstan in connection with the crude oil price at $100 per barrel forecasted by OPEC. "…Starting from 2011, the oil prices have approached the psychological level of US$100 per barrel, and in the opinion of the majority of international experts, are not quite justified. As of the current moment, there is no necessity in revision the forecasts on the economic growth in Kazakhstan until relative stabilization of the situation in the world’s economy", - Director for Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast of the MEDT Saule Umurzakova said. ... >>>
The domestic oil refineries hit records
In 2010, 13.7 million tons of crude oil was processed at the three oil refineries in Kazakhstan that exceeds the target indicators by 570 thousand tons, or 4.35% a year. This was announced by the KMG-PM Company. ... >>>
EPM strengthened control over the mineral producers’ activities
The Environmental Protection Ministry, enterprises and NGO have to find the balance so that the economy will not slow down and negative effect on the environment will be minimum. A crucial issue is the distribution of funds for ecology in regions. Karim Masimov paid attention to that at the recent extended meeting of the ministry. ... >>>
Kazakhstan imposed a fine on KPO
The authorities of Kazakhstan again imposed a fine on the consortium of foreign petroleum companies Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), developing the largest oil and gas field in Kazakhstan Karachaganak. The Ministry of Oil and Gas imposed a 3.918 billion Tenge (about $27 million) fine from KPO. ... >>>
Prime Minister of Russia does not see any alternatives to the gas price-making system
The current gas price-making system has no market alternatives, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin said. "We say about the price that emerges not through the administrative measures, but its own market ... >>>
Azerbaijan is ready to supply equipment for Kashagan
Azerbaijan is ready to supply equipment for Kashagan. This was announced by Azerbaijan Minister of Industry and Energy Natik Aliyev at the 7th session of the Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan Intergovernmental Committee. He emphasized that metal structures and substructures, which are required for the Kashagan project, have been produced for a relatively long period in Azerbaijan. ... >>>
A new gas artery is put into operation in Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan put into operation a new gas pipeline in Central Karakum – the place called Darvaza, Rukhabatsky etrap, Akhalsky velayat. The new pipeline connected the operating fields in Central Karakum, ready for commercial development ... >>>
Oil products production in RoK in October 2010  
Gas production in RoK in October 2010  
Drilling wells in Rok in October 2010  
Oil and condensate production in RoK in October 2010  

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